Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Guys Buy Flowers

Dale Carnegie wrote that he goes fishing in Maine every summer. He wrote that he is fond of strawberries and cream, but that fish prefer worms -- so he fishes with worms.

Some guys buy flowers.

Kelly loves Handi-Wipes. She uses them for a week, throws them in the wash, gets a new one out, and uses the old one for cleaning. She hasn't been able to find them at the store for weeks. Last weekend, she was excited to discover a couple of old/new ones at the bottom of the tablecloth drawer at her mother's house.

I found a 72-pack of Handi-Wipes on eBay on Monday and ordered them for her. They came yesterday. No dozen roses could have brought the delight those six dozen Handi-Wipes did.

Some guys buy flowers. Sometimes I buy flowers. Kelly prefers gladiolas and gerber daisies.

But, guys, before you pick up a bouquet of flowers on your way home, you might consider what else might bring her more delight than a dozen roses.

You might try fishing with worms.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stress Test Today

During my routine physical this week, I let it slip that my plan pays outpatient diagnostics at 100%. And that's why, I think, I have a stress test today at 2. (I'm wearing my DRC RUN shirt to it! I didn't think he could handle my Team Sprinkles shirt.)

I told my doctor that I had a 7 p.m. run tonight, and that 1-this better be a treadmill because I don't do bikes anymore and 2-if this was going to interfere with my run tonight, the deal was off. He was OK with that.

He also said, "You look wimpier this year." I replied, "Your hair looks thinner." (We have this kind of relationship.) He said, "No, I'm serious." I replied, "I am too." He said, "You need to eat more protein. At our age, we can't afford to have any muscle-mass loss." I replied, "We're not in the same category. And, if you want to go out back for a throw-down, I'll show you."

But, that's why I have a heck of a Dagwood turkey sandwich in my lunchbox today. And, a big ol' Sprinkles water bottle full of chocolate milk filled and ready to bring for my after-run dinner tonight.