Monday, August 15, 2011

Advice for the New School Year

This week's Dallas Morning News question of the week was what advice did we have for students/parents/teachers for the new school year. I responded something like, "High school girls, don't forget that if you get sent to the office because your clothes are inappropriate, you're going to have to wear the outfit your mom puts together and brings up to you."

This only happened to Katie once, and Mom put together and brought up an outfit she would never forget. So, Katie learned her lesson. She started keeping an extra set of clothes in her car.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back on My Feet Run - 8/10/11

I ran with Back on My Feet this morning.

It's kinda funny. A new volunteer "non-resident" (she doesn't live at the shelter) ran with me today -- Rachel. She said she hadn't been running a lot lately, though she is a runner, and the three miles we were supposed to do were going to be a challenge for her.

So, Rachel ran along side of me, and it was kind of a complicated route, and when she saw the neighborhoods we were running through, and that it was dark, and that if she didn't stick with me she might get lost, she had no problem completing those three miles! I dropped her off at the end and then circled back to pick up some others. When we all got back, she was gone. I hope she comes back.

The "residents" (those who live at the shelter) love my baked goods (pineapple bread today), and I get to bake for someone else who really appreciates them. Only, they aren't supposed to bring outside food into the shelter, so they take my carefully-wrapped baked goodies and stuff them deep into their pockets to get past the security guard.