Friday, May 15, 2009

My Brother's Gone Organic

My older brother (not that much older) has gone organic.

I think this sudden change from Czech Stop cheese and apricot kolaches, washed down with gallons of full-fat whole milk, to organic was initiated by our trip to my mother's.

We had to check in at the security gate, my brother and his wife checking their truck through first. When we got to the security window, the officer said my dad in the truck in front of us had already checked us in. I've been calling him "Poppi" ever since.

The reality of his imminent demise has caused him to go organic. My years of running and trying to eat healthy have been good to me, I guess.

We talked yesterday on the phone, and he said he has switched to some kind of salt crystal for deodorant. I said, "Uh-huh. You know, Poppi, how those salt crystals work, don't you?"

"No, how? I just know it works."

"That salt gets in your system and dulls your ability to smell your own body odor."

Norman Bates may have proclaimed, "Well, a boy's best friend is his mother," but, there's nothing like the relationship between a boy and his Poppi.