Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Secret to Parking at Winfrey Point

Shhhh.... There's a secret to parking at Dallas Running Club races that start at Winfrey Point. Interested?

It was frigid at the last February race -- below freezing before and near freezing afterward. With limited parking at Winfrey Point, many parked at the clubhouse and walked over. When it's not frigid out, it's not really very far -- a nice walk before and after the race, and maybe even a short warm-up run.

After the February race, I gave Mike and Sam a ride back to their cars. Sam drew the short straw and flopped over into the bed of my little truck -- like a piece of red, raw meat. It was so cold, and he looked so miserable back there. If he hadn't been so sweaty and gross, I would have thrown him the Mexican blanket I have over the seat in my truck.

But, this doesn't have to be. There is a secret to parking at Winfrey Point. Wanna know what it is?


Those parking spaces right up by the door are reserved for volunteers. Well, not really reserved, but the volunteers get there first and have their pick of the prime spots.

Did you know you can volunteer and run the race? There are lots of jobs race runners can do before or after the race.

There's no telling what kind of new things Jason could plan at the DRC races if he could count on an abundance of extra volunteers.

If you've already registered to run the April 5-miler, you can go back and register to also volunteer. And, when you register for the May race, go ahead and register twice -- once to run, once to volunteer. You'll feel great about yourself, you'll get a prime parking spot, and your DRC will have a better race and be a better running club because you volunteered.

What's in your race volunteer wallet?