Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stress Test Today

During my routine physical this week, I let it slip that my plan pays outpatient diagnostics at 100%. And that's why, I think, I have a stress test today at 2. (I'm wearing my DRC RUN shirt to it! I didn't think he could handle my Team Sprinkles shirt.)

I told my doctor that I had a 7 p.m. run tonight, and that 1-this better be a treadmill because I don't do bikes anymore and 2-if this was going to interfere with my run tonight, the deal was off. He was OK with that.

He also said, "You look wimpier this year." I replied, "Your hair looks thinner." (We have this kind of relationship.) He said, "No, I'm serious." I replied, "I am too." He said, "You need to eat more protein. At our age, we can't afford to have any muscle-mass loss." I replied, "We're not in the same category. And, if you want to go out back for a throw-down, I'll show you."

But, that's why I have a heck of a Dagwood turkey sandwich in my lunchbox today. And, a big ol' Sprinkles water bottle full of chocolate milk filled and ready to bring for my after-run dinner tonight.

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