Monday, May 16, 2011

I Just Love Austin College

It's Saturday night, and we've been to the Baccalaureate ceremony, which was amazing, and we've been to the refreshments get-together afterwards and are leaving. And, for some reason the college president Dr. Marjorie Hass singles Kelly and I out and comes over to congratulate us and shakes our hands -- she is leaving, too.

So, we find Katie and start down the stairs to leave, and Dr. Hass and her husband are leaving at the same time in front of us, and Katie says, "Marjorie! I love your shoes!" and she and the college president stand there for a couple of minutes talking about her shoes -- how they are Cole Hahn, and how they have a deal with Nike, so they're dress shoes, but really athletic shoes, and have a cork sole, etc. And, then after a bit, we go on our way -- us to our car, Dr. Hass to her next graduation function of the evening.

Kelly and I were flabbergasted. I said, "Katieeee... That's the college president -- you don't call her Marjorie!" Katie said, "Dadddddyyyy... Everyone calls her Marjorie!"

That's what Austin College is like, one of the many reasons why I just love Austin College.

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