Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today's Police Car Count: 4

There is only one 1/4-mile stretch of my regular route where I've either got to run on the street or jump the curb and run in a field (which is full of dips and drops and weeds). Since this stretch is so short, I run with traffic and keep my eye out for headlights behind me coming down Shiloh. There's not much traffic at 4:15, so it's not usually an issue.

I can't use headlights as a warning sign anymore.

This morning I got through the stretch and got back up in the alley -- and here came 4 Garland police cars creeping up Shiloh with their headlights off. 3 with lights on top, 1 unmarked. 2 going the right way on my side of the road. 2 going the wrong way on the other side. Hmmm... this couldn't be good.

They turned into the apartment complex just ahead and were out of sight -- for just a minute when they all came barreling out with their lights on this time. I just kept plodding along.

They made a U-turn at Arapaho, and all 4 converged on a man walking down the sidewalk carrying a black trash bag. I swung out and around them (out of stray bullet range, I was thinking) and just kept plodding along. They still had the road blocked off when I came by there 5 miles later.

I think the Garland police know me by now out there, but I've played in my head what to tell them if they stop me. I live next door to former City Councilperson Mark Monroe; I am current City Councilperson Rick Williams's appointee to the Garland Library Advisory Board; Office Shannon Wilson can vouch for me -- we served on the City Charter Review Committee a few years ago; and I'm wearing my RoadID bracelet listing my name, phone number, and Kelly's name to call for help.

And, if things get really messy, I've got my Catholic 3-way cross around my neck that says on the back "I'm Catholic. Call a priest."

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