Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cross-Training: Yow!

Today was our first scheduled cross-training day. 30 minutes of some other exercise besides running. Work different muscles. Improve your fitness and stamina.

I always like how my legs feel after biking, so I pulled down the old mountain bike off the hooks in the garage, aired up the tires, and headed out.

I only went about a block before I had to turn around and come home -- bicycle seat torture. The bike seat was a smidgen more comfortable with a bath towel wedged into the back of my shorts (I have no bum, really). Every bump in the road a small penance for all my sins of the week.

I feel pretty great after my first cross-training experience, and look forward my next session.

I may have convinced the love of my life to go with me next Sunday. Marathoning may actually be good for the marriage, you see.

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