Thursday, July 2, 2009

All Over Garland on a Thursday

Start Time: 4:10 a.m.
Temperature: 79.9 degrees
Location: Garland, Texas
Wildlife Report: 4 cottontails, 1 skunk (deceased), 1 armadillo
Police Report: 0 cars
Distance: 6 miles
Time: 1:05:37

The sound of my alarm clock sends me into orbit, so I often wake up right before it's about to go off and shut it off. Most of the time this works for me, other times I fall back to sleep and get behind on my morning.

The skunk (whose tail I almost stepped on this past Monday) was laying on the side of the road this morning. Kind of sad. She didn't spray me on Monday, and didn't spray whatever car hit her this morning.

My legs felt like logs this morning, after a day of rest. I think it was the Blue Bell ice cream I ate after dinner last night. I've got to get off the sweets, if I want my runs to be better, and if I want to lose this bale-of-cotton look I'm sporting right now. "Giving those pleats a run for their money, I see," Kelly says.

Uneventful run (which is always a good thing) except for the lone, young, male walker clutching a plastic grocery bag. I swung out wide into the street -- you just never know. He had a blank, almost-panicked look on his face. I sent up a little prayer, a Hail Mary, and an Our Father for him.

Got home in time to make a batch of cookies to take to Jim the barber. Men can still get a pretty good haircut in downtown Garland for just $8. I keep Jim supplied with cookies, he keeps my hair neat, and shares jars of his homemade jalapeno pepper jelly from time to time.

Stopped at Roach Feed and Seed to pick up a bag of milo for the doves -- we have whitewings, which is very unusual for this far north in Texas. I also picked up a bottle of organic liquid fertilizer concentrate to feed the outside plants with. It's made from fish and seaweed. She said it works wonders, but smells something awful. The love of my life is going to love that.

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