Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Never Knew Running Could Be So Enjoyable

I never knew running could be so enjoyable.

This morning was my first Dallas Running Club (DRC) Saturday morning training run towards completing the 2009 Dallas White Rock Marathon. There were about 400 or so people out there, in all shapes and sizes, colors and nationalities. What a colorful, beautiful, and diverse group. There were many different pace groups.

My friend Roxanne and I talked before our run about it being like the first day of school. Especially for me. Roxanne was about all I knew there. So, I kind of stood around while others visited. Thinking they were all looking at me. Wondering which ones I'd eventually be friends with. Roxanne is doing a triathlon in a couple of weeks, and this is her first marathon. She is amazingly dedicated. What an inspiration she is for me.

Today was 6 miles. It was HARD! I've been running 6 miles in the early morning hours, but in the daylight, on a somewhat bumpy and hilly path, was something totally different. I've got to get in better shape and trust the schedule they gave me -- and take these Saturday morning runs very seriously.

Today was something I've never done in my life. It was such a pleasure to run 6 miles with a group of cheerleaders, and not in the least bit be trying to go faster than anyone. We were all in this 6 miles together, today.

Running bliss.

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